Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – Update: L.A.

Jamie Oliver's Food RevolutionUPDATE : Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution was slated to launch in the Los Angeles school district this season; however, it looks like the schools don’t want him.  Jamie continues to film in L.A. with local families, although no update from ABC as to when the new season will air.

“There’s an incredible community in Huntington and I wanted to prove that turning around the epidemic of obesity and bad health doesn’t have to be boring or dull in the slightest. Wonderful stories unfolded in Huntington, and hopefully this will inspire the rest of the States.”  Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (ABC) was one of our inspirations for creating RebootTheMedia — it’s just the kind of show we want to highlight on this website. Talk about making a difference — the subject matter (healthy eating) is compelling and education on this matter will literally save lives, and the show pulls no punches showing just what it takes to effect change.

One guy, Jamie Oliver, takes on transforming the food that’s served to school children in what’s referred to the “most obese” town in America.  What’s cool about it, for starters, is seeing this guy — a celebrity chef and one of the richest people in Britain, with a family and who could probably be doing just about anything he wants to — personally taking on this issue from the ground up.  He cares about healthy eating, and you watch him work to get his message across — to get people to listen, be open to change, and to try something new.

Fueled by his commitment, he perseveres in the face of enormous obstacles:  people’s resistance to change, budgetary and bureaucracy issues, hopelessness, and outright mockery.  Watching this, you realize that, yes, it takes something to effect change, but that’s what you do when you have a commitment you believe in — you have to try.  He is human, he gets frustrated, he has his doubts — but he is also resourceful and uses different approaches to overcome the resistance, whether it’s a fun dance/cooking session on campus or a somber tour of caskets for the obese — whatever it takes to reach people and make a difference.

Jamie won a TED award (Technology, Entertainment, Design) for speaking on this very subject.  Find out more about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  Sign the petition.

Recognized by the academy for its contribution, this show was the 2010 Emmy Winner for “Outstanding Reality Program” and will return to ABC later this fall.

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  1. Bravo! A great show tackles America’s diet epidemic.


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