Things we like about Bret Michaels on The Celebrity Apprentice

Like most people on and off the show, I underestimated him.

I don’t know much about Poison, and VH1’s “Rock of Love” is not my cup of tea.  I only know Bret Michaels from Donald Trump’s The Celebrity Apprentice.– and his performance on that show won me over — or has at least given me much to like about the guy.

Mainly, I like someone who succeeds — even exceeds expectations — and is able to maintain their personal integrity and self-expression.   Bret Michaels somehow managed to succeed in the tough business environment of The Apprentice while keeping his individuality uncompromised.  If he was dressed like an MBA, his behavior would have been unquestioned — but the clarity, focus, creativity and hard work he brought to each task, coming from a rocker persona, was unexpected.  For those of us who dream of being fully self-expressed yet begrudgingly try to conform to fit into roles that are “acceptable”, Bret is an inspiration.

But that’s not all that’s inspiring about the guy.  His sudden, recent medical issues — not to mention his nearly life-long condition of diabetes — have revealed someone with great courage and inner strength (as are so many people when faced with incredible health issues who are not being celebrated in the press).  As Bret said in his interviews, “It puts things in perspective real quickly.”

And finally, you gotta love someone who says, in describing himself, “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.”  Exactly.

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