“Lost” finds meaning

Thirteen million Americans watched the Lost series finale on Sunday.  The TV show ran for six seasons, full of twists and logic-defying realities.  It provoked much debate, both scientific and theological, as to what the show was really about.  It made us think and question — all the while being truly entertaining.

As with all great art — and I do think that TV shows are an art form — its meaning is open to interpretation.  Art affects people in different ways:  some see what they have always believed or want to believe, while others are awakened to new insights and understandings through their experience.  Art is personal.

When asked about the series finale, Matthew Fox (Jack Shepherd) said simply that “It’s beautiful.”  For the past six years, we watched our favorite characters — Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Sun and Jin, Desmond, Locke and the others — live out multiple life stories that ran parallel to each other like alternate realities.  We debated theories, believed in explanations, or merely enjoyed the ride.  Seeing the finale, hungry for answers, we watched with awe as each of the parallel lives were suddenly merged into a magnificent connected experience of finding oneself and the people we hold most dear to us.

In the end, it is love, experienced through our relationships with others, that matters.  It is a source of blissful joy that many people so dearly long for in this life.  What is the meaning of “Lost”?  Look around, and you just might find it in the ones you share your life with on this planet — right here, right now.  


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