GPS Problem Solving

When you use the GPS in your car to reach a goal (say, driving to point “A” from point “B”), you get in the car and immediately, no matter which way you are currently facing, the GPS lady breaks down your goal into little steps, and she gives you the first step you need, given where you are now, to reach your goal.

Let’s say there is a lot of traffic, or you are receiving multiple suggestions from others about which way to go.  When you deviate from the path — make a mistake — the GPS lady does not say, “I told you to stay on Main Street!” or “You shouldn’t have turned; you don’t know what you’re doing!” or “You’ll never get to drive again in November!”

What the GPS does is it re-calibrates, given what’s so right now, and it re-directs you so you can continue to get to your goal.  No making you wrong.  No ‘I told you so’.  Not even a ‘we should vote for the other guy to drive next time’.  Amazingly, GPS just re-calibrates and re-directs, given the factual information.  (Note:  It does not re-calibrate based on opinion, e.g. it doesn’t deal with whether you are confident enough to drive or if this isn’t a good time to go on vacation or it simply likes the other guy better than you.)  To GPS, there’s simply the goal, a driver, and the best route to get there at any given time and under any given circumstances.

What if we applied GPS problem-solving to the challenges that are so important to our country, and  our world?  Consider the possibilities.  Let’s re-calibrate our efforts and support the driver — whoever he or she is — to getting where we need to go.


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