Clean Energy Lemonade

Have you seen the recent ad by  It takes the devastating situation in the Gulf Coast and uses it as a catalyst to promote clean energy, asking “If not now, when?”  The point — arguing for clean anything in the face of a filthy mess — is an obvious one; what makes this ad so compelling is the credibility of the speaker (a veteran, sworn to protect our country, respected by the right and the left equally), the inarguable facts, and the simplicity of its message.  Reboot likes it because it uses the media to basically make lemonade out of lemons — the ad takes the fear and helplessness over the devastation and redirects it towards a goal of a better future.

The narrator is a Louisiana resident and veteran named Evan Wolf, a member of the National Guard who now finds himself cleaning up the BP oil spill.  Wolf makes a credible spokesperson given a) his military service; b) the spill is in his home state; and c) he is on the scene, doing the actual clean-up.  While he acknowledges that when he signed on with The National Guard he agreed to do whatever mission is assigned, the ad reminds us that using The National Guard to help clean up our own man-made messes takes the military away from other critical national security missions.

See the ad and read all the factual documentation (scroll down to the bottom of their page) here.


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