Another Reason Sports Are Good For You

Amazingly, it’s an everyday occurrence to have tens of thousands of people gather in person and millions more in front of electronic media to watch a sporting event — a crowd size to be envied by any other form of entertainment.

Why?  There is nothing like a victory — the fulfillment of the goal to be triumphant, to win at the game you set out to play.  Everyone gets to be part of the team, and we are all champions when our team wins.  And along the way, we may witness incredible displays of talent, many a fortunate turn of events, and those moments of absolutely inspirational performance in the chosen sport.

From the singing of our national anthem as its preamble, to the hard-fought highs and lows of the in-game combat, to the victory for one team (and defeat – but hope for a victory next time – for the other) — watching sports gives us an arc of accomplishment and achievement to which we can only aspire in our everyday life.


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