How Do We Listen?

Tonight the President will address the nation about the BP oil spill in the Gulf.  He will have the opportunity to use the media to make a difference — possibly transforming our national dialog about fuel, business, government, and the economy — just as some say he made a big difference by giving his speech on race in this country during his presidential campaign.

And then the media interpretation will begin.  What will the news reporters, the pundits, the polls, all say about what Obama said?

It is an emotional issue, it is a political issue.  With so much at stake, is this our moment of opportunity, or of crisis?  Who are we going to be, and how are we going to listen to this story as it continues to unfold?  We have the opportunity to write the narration of our lives by choosing how we listen and having it inform what we say.  What’s it going to take to be inspired?


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