Sometimes America’s Got Talent

Among all the ludicrous, mediocre or just plain bad auditions, there are always a few contestants that knock your socks off, and those moments have great power and emotion in them.

Sometimes what moves us is the reaction on the judges faces, when we see them overcome by surprise at the very talent they are there to find.  Sometimes what moves us is the crowd with their generous and boisterous applause and the standing ovation.  Sometimes it’s their family looking on proudly from the sidelines.  Sometimes we are just moved by the performers themselves as they realize they have finally and fully expressed themselves in the way that they have always dreamed of and on this day they have been gotten, their talent acknowledged.  And always, what moves us is the sheer thrill of their performance.

For your enjoyment, here are a few of those clips.

Alice Tan Ridley (singer, and mother of Gabby Sidibe who was Oscar nominated for her first role in “Precious”)

Barbara Padilla (singer, cancer survivor, stay-at-home mother)

Queen Emily (singer, single mom, “Why not–why not me?”)

Susan Boyle (singer, Britain’s Got Talent)

Paul Potts (singer, former phone salesman, Britain’s Got Talent)

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