A Winning Formula for the Media

Content that is timely and relevant, tackling the big issues of the day in an entertaining and informative way, that is also hugely popular, profitable and award-nominated.  That’s a winning formula for the media, and we like it when we see it.

One such example is the proliferation of shows like The Biggest Loser, Losing It with Jillian, and the Emmy-nominated Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (Reboot’s first post!).  Exercise and healthy eating are making a comeback, popularized in part by television reality shows.  Of course, sitting on the couch watching these shows won’t help you get in shape, and that’s where the off-air/online components enhance the media experience by providing actionable steps anyone can take to fulfill on the promise of the shows.

One initiative with a large online component is First Lady Michele Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, a nationwide effort to solve the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation.  Educating kids on healthy eating and motivating them to exercise would make a great reality show for family hour.  Think of all the great sponsors that would line up to be associated with that show (healthy foods, Wii exercise games).  Anyone up for that challenge…?

It’s practically a recipe for business growth and development:  provide entertaining solutions to the problems that concern us.  What can the creative minds working in the media come up with on the issues of financial reform, unemployment, foreclosures, global warming, violence, or the oil spill to motivate and inspire positive action?  This is what media can do best:  take on the big problems of the day and create informative, inspirational entertainment that is as popular as it is financially successful — and it’s what we want to see more of.

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