Doing Something is Better than Nothing

UPDATE:  The next Do Something Awards is scheduled for August 2012 on VH1. Visit their site to find out more and vote.

This post is from the first Do Something Awards: In a completely new kind of award show, people were actually awarded for doing something good (i.e. socially worthwhile) at the VH1 Do Something Awards.   Hosted by Jane Lynch (“Glee”), this was, in her words, “the only awards show that’s going to heaven.”

The Do Something Awards honor social action, and while the show featured celebrity nominees, the $100,000 grand prize winner was selected from five finalists, all of whom were “real” people doing something about a cause they are passionate about.  The winner, 23-year-old Jessica Posner, co-founded Shining Hope for Communities to combat gender inequity and poverty in Kibera.

In addition, the evening celebrated actors, musicians, and athletes along with inspiring filmstelevision shows and social media initiatives on Facebook and Twitter that viewers voted on.  No doubt some of our favorites were not included — but hopefully this is just the beginning of a “reboot” trend to celebrate celebrities and media that are “doing something”.

As one winner reminded us, all the frightening and difficult issues of the day — the oil spill, homelessness, animal cruelty, the environment, our health and wellbeing — these are all things we can do something about, and that’s worth celebrating.

Do Something.  It’s better than nothing.

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