BFFs in the Age of New Media

I probably debated putting this story up more than any other I’ve written.  This show isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of prescribing for a media in need of “rebooting”.  And yet — I’m hooked.

What is it about Bethenny?  The former Real Housewife of New York has the highest rated new show on Bravo, called “Bethenny Getting Married?“.  She is currently ubiquitous with appearances on The View, The Today Show, Fox News, and the cover of People Magazine.   Bethenny is a natural food chef whose website features tips on food, health and fitness, and lifestyle.  She is the star and subject of the aforementioned #1 new show on Bravo.  But most of all, she is adored (and sometimes vilified) by hundreds of thousands of fans.

Not only do fans feel that she could be their best friend, Bethenny actually uses the media to relate to her fans like they are her best friends.  Nothing is held back, as we share her most personal moments.  The word that is most often used to describe her is “authentic”.  Bethenny seems to live life fully — marriage, career, baby — with nothing hidden.  She narrates the events of her life with great humor, but also has moments of surprising pathos.  Fans know it has taken something for her to get where she is now in life, and we are moved by her journey.

She is a stellar example of using new media to be related to people.  What draws people in isn’t that she has a million “followers” or that she’s everywhere someone can be in this new media world.  Her openness and authenticity moves and inspires people, and that’s what makes fans care.

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