Game Changer – Update

UPDATE: NBC cancelled this show after only two airings.  Traditional ratings were low, but the viewers who watched commented that this show made a difference.  And what did NBC replace it with?  Reruns of “A Minute To Win It,” a game show where people win money if they perform stunts like balancing 100 Cheetos on their nose while running across the stage in under a minute.  Wish us luck with that reboot…

Will the new NBC show, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, be a game changer to reboot the media?  Here’s what Tony Robbins wrote to his fans today:  “I created Breakthrough as an alternative, to show what human beings are truly capable of. Even if you feel the world is seemingly crushing you, you know inside you have the power to overcome any challenge you may face. Breakthrough takes real people, good people you want to root for, and shows that even facing tremendous obstacles they are able to transform their lives in less than 30 days.”

Here’s what some of Tony’s famous friends are saying:

“…It illuminates the humbling truth that many of the ‘problems’ we all struggle with are traps of your own making… Renew your faith that you can shape your own happiness with a little courage.” — Edward Norton, Actor, Screenwriter and Director

“…Smart, real and extremely moving.  A lesson in resilience, overcoming obstacles, and the indomitable human spirit.” —  Arianna Huffington, Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post

“…Just when you thought summer TV lacked bite… here is a show that is full of humanity, compassion and hope… I was left feeling completely inspired and uplifted.”  — Hugh Jackman, Actor and Producer

There is an added online opportunity for viewers to take action and create their own breakthroughs by joining him after each show on a special Breakthrough Insider’s site where each week features the “story behind the story” of that episode with additional clips from the 30-day journey.  We’re looking forward to checking out the free “brand new 6-week personal breakthrough course” that is also offered on the site, where Tony promises to give a 20 to 45 minute session showing how to apply the lessons and strategies of that particular episode to take life to the next level.

Will this reboot the media?  We shall see.  Breakthrough with Tony Robbins airs Tuesdays 8:00pm/7:00pm Central on NBC.


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  1. Darn, that show disappeared so fast that I never even heard about it! (And I would have been interested; before I did the Landmark Forum, I read part of one of his books. That’s really where my transformational journey began…long ago.)

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