What’s The Big Story

UPDATE: On August 31st, President Obama acknowledged the end of combat operations in Iraq during a nationally televised speech from the Oval Office. I guess they were saving this news for “the big day”.  Will the media even notice?  Stay tuned…

All American combat brigades have left Iraq as of last night, and by August 31st the U.S. will have reduced troops to the 50,000 as promised by President Obama.  That means the U.S. has basically ended the war in Iraq as we know it — although there is hardly a mention in the U.S. media.  This should be big news, don’t you think?  Plus lots of opportunity for analysis, e.g. was the war worth it? what was the original mission? was it accomplished? what did it cost?

Instead, the big story isn’t even a story, it’s a report on a survey that says one in five Americans think Obama is a Muslim (which he is not) and not a Christian (which he is), which is further amplified by the incessant coverage of the proposed mosque site in downtown Manhattan near Ground Zero.

The big story becomes whatever we say the headline is.  RebootTheMedia is for having news media that contributes to our understanding, growth, and development around the really big stories of the day.

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