David Letterman Rants for RebootTheMedia

OK, so Dave didn’t call it RebootTheMedia — but his rant had RebootTheMedia written all over it.  Last night on Late Show with David Letterman, Dave was discussing the state of the world with NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams.  They covered various topics but Dave really started to rant when it came to the disparity between the gluttonous excess of certain TV shows in this country when there are kids starving around the world.

DAVID LETTERMAN:  There are two food channels, two food networks. One’s motto is “Stay hungry.” “Stay hungry.” There are cupcake shows, there are cupcake wars, there are cake shows, there are let’s build a cake. “Who can build a cake that looks more like a reclining chair?” And then there’s one show where a guy goes out and eats as much as can. “Bring me all the food in your house. I’ll eat it.” Three million people in this country do not get enough to eat and every six seconds, an infant in this world dies of starvation. How, how do you explain the disparity?

To Dave’s point, people genuinely have a concern about a lot of issues–big and small–in this world.  The media has the unique privilege of reaching millions of people, and the potential for making a difference is enormous.  As the saying goes, “With great power (or privilege) comes great responsibility.”  To fulfill its highest destiny, a rebooted media will educate us and help us create solutions to address the world’s direst needs.  And if the media can also provide laughter, joy and entertainment, it is indeed a most worthy endeavor.

note: for a full transcript, click the link on Late Show with David Letterman and follow the conversation at about 00:29:57.  The media rant starts at 00:34:00.

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