George Clooney is Hoping We RebootTheMedia

Tonight George Clooney was presented with the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the 62nd Primetime Emmys, in recognition of his efforts to use the media to bring awareness to some of the most pressing issues of our times.  But it was his call to action that caught our attention, when he closed his speech with these words:

“When the disaster happens, everybody wants to help, everybody in this room wants to help, everybody at home wants to help. The hard part is seven months later, five years later, when we’re on to a new story. Honestly, we fail at that, most of the time. That’s the facts. I fail at that.

“So here’s hoping that some very bright person right here in the room or at home watching can help find a way to keep the spotlight burning on these heartbreaking situations that continue to be heartbreaking long after the cameras go away. That would be an impressive accomplishment.”

Whether you are in the industry or someone “at home watching,” the call is clear: let’s find a way to use the media to make a difference.

note: The Bob Hope Humanitarian Award is presented to an individual in the telecommunications industry whose humanitarian work has brought credit to the industry and whose deeds and actions have a lasting impact on society.


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  1. This website can make that change!!!

    People need to tune in to something. The mainstream media is a wasteland. It’s all about sound bites. It’s amazing when the Daily Show shows the clips of one reporter after another using the same exact phrase – usually some inflammatory nonsense.

    I think there is a wave of change happening right now. There is a tremendous amount of energy out there – it just needs to be channeled and directed.

    When we hear about what is really happening in war-torn nations and natural disaster locations, we are compelled to help. I think mainstream corporate-owned media is not interested in cultivating collaborative resources and action. They are only about making money. They will continue to report what will grab attention from moment to moment without any real moral or ethical standpoint.

    I think people crave follow up. I thik people want to be part of the change. Most of us don’t know how to be part of it – espcecially when it’s across the globe.

    If an alternative media outlet – such as the internet – such as this website – can capture the attention of enough people – there can be a venue for follow up and follow THROUGH. First we need to hear the stories. Then we need to find out what happens next. We need to know where to send donations – goods or money. We need to know HOW to help. Short descriptions and links to worthy reporting and organizations would be a great start. This information can be listed by category – Darfur, Haiti, Katrina, Congo, Human Trafficking, etc. etc….. Just provide the links. Prescreen and post.

    Corporate America is not going to do this for us.

    Like you are doing with this website – have users post the ideas – the links, the comments, the “HOW” – links to the organizations or individuals who are already organized and doing something.

    There are too many “founders” already. We don’t need 120 NPOs to help Haiti. We only need a few alternatives. A concentrated effort would be great.

    A clearinghouse for information would be great. A really good sexy campaign to get people to tune in would be great. That’s where our celebrities come in – to market the whole package. and twitters abound.

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