The Power to Save The Planet

Politicians who want you to worry that we are financially bankrupting our grandchildren’s future ought to be very clear that the future is already in serious jeopardy — from environmental disaster.  In his new book, Eaarth, author Bill McKibben addresses the issues of global warming.  He talks about what we can do on a recent appearance on Late Show with David Letterman.

You won’t be surprised to learn that for every problem there is a solution already out there.  Many solutions — alternative energy, local farming, LEED certification — exist now; all that is lacking is a world which values a green planet more than green money.  As strong as our desire is to save the planet, the overriding control of implementing these solutions is by the oil, gas and coal industries whose intention is to not solve the problem.  And, as McKibben says, “until we build a movement big enough to challenge them, we won’t solve it.”

If the political will is there, the laws will be passed and the environment can be saved. In politics, holding office to make a difference needs to be more important than holding on to that office whatever it takes.  Like it or not, we live in a community governed by laws, and our future just may be dependent upon which laws come to pass.  If we want power, we need to find a way to influence the lawmakers — it’s what the oil, gas and coal industries do every day.  We can too.


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