What to Like in Reality TV

Politics and news are important, but Reboot likes nothing more than a wonderfully entertaining TV series, and there is plenty to like in the new season.  Here, a look at what there is to like in reality TV…

First, a few summer season finales wrap up this week.  Big Brother, a top ratings contender, was at its most watchable this summer.  Contestants who fought or were catty just looked outdated and old-school, and were just as quickly voted out.  The finalists came down to a no-drama, loyal trio of friends who called themselves “the brigade”.  May the best man actually win this time.  The other ratings success this summer was America’s Got Talent, which proves you can be entertaining, wildly successful, and proudly diverse.  Watch the creative performance that had the outlandish finalist “Prince Poppycock” declare, “to every kid out there who feels picked on and feels like an outsider, I want you to believe that life is magical, and to look at me right now and understand that dreams can come true.”

This week, catch the premiere of the 21st season of Survivor, which also can be applauded for its diverse casting.  This season’s tribes are divided by “old vs. young”, with the opportunity to bust stereotypes for all as the players deal with the grueling conditions and each other.  Watch Survivor Nicaragua on its new night, Wednesdays at 8/7C, beginning September 15th on CBS.

The following night, stay tuned for the new season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, which is to be commended this year for featuring cast members who have been impacted by the economy and are all currently unemployed, which we hope will bring a deeper humanity to the proceedings.  Watch The Apprentice Thursdays at 9/8C, beginning September 16th on NBC.

Next week is the premiere of two more excellent reality shows.  Seven-time Emmy Award-winner The Amazing Race features a diverse group of real-life pairings — couples, family, friends — on a race around the world.   The physically and mentally taxing challenges often bring out the best in people as they work together on each leg of the race.  Watch The Amazing Race on Sunday at 8:30/7:30C beginning September 26th on CBS.

And finally, watch for the return of Undercover Boss, which was a surprise top-rated success in its freshman season.  The boss goes undercover to work on the front lines of his own company, meeting the (usually under-appreciated) staff and getting a lesson in compassion as he finds out how the other half lives.  Now, if only we could see some diversity in who’s the boss!  Watch Sundays at 10/9C beginning September 26th on CBS.


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