Two Hosts to Watch

Sometimes it’s not so much what you do, it’s how you do it.  Here are two examples of great hosts who are the heart and soul of their shows on daytime TV.  These hosts take standard fare and elevate it through their personalities.

Take the CBS reboot of the game show Let’s Make A Deal, a 1960s staple originally hosted by Monty Hall, now hosted by Emmy-award winning entertainer Wayne Brady. Yes, it’s a show about people who jump up and down in the hopes of winning cash and prizes while dressed in silly costumes.  Yet somehow, it can be truly moving to watch people’s surprise at winning the thing they really wanted. There is also a freshness provided by the host, a talented singer with a background in comedic improv, who happens to be a person of color.  Wayne is a master at playfulness with contestants who are also refreshingly diverse.

The other show worth a second look is The Nate Berkus Show, a new design makeover/talk show featuring Oprah’s favorite home designer.   Frankly, while it isn’t a terribly original format, there is something incredibly disarming and compassionate about host Nate Berkus, best seen in the way he connects with the people he interviews on the show.  Challenge  your complacency (and design sensibility) by spending an hour with Nate.  Worth a second look.

Catch an all-new season of Let’s Make a Deal on CBS beginning Monday, September 20th, and check out The Nate Berkus Show on NBC which debuted September 13th (check local listings for both).


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