A Media Tipping Point

We are starting to see more and more about a “media tipping point” — the transformation of media content into something that makes a difference in people’s lives.  There is a lot of commentary out there about what’s wrong with the media; however, to reboot the media we have to come up with what’s right about the media and build on the possibilities. With that, here are some tips for creating media that makes a difference.


  1. Harness the power of people already out there making a difference; give them airtime
  2. Support and encourage any media figure or pundit that wants to use the media to make a difference
  3. Cover real stories that are important to people and do so in a meaningful way
  4. Connect emotionally with people
  5. Provide useful information that helps people
  6. Take a stand; make the impossible possible
  7. Report on successes; cover what’s working
  8. Take on new challenges and share crowdsourced solutions
  9. Entertain as an art form; it elevates people’s spirits
  10. Be inspired and inspire others

How do we effectively reboot the media?  We can start by spreading the word, and recognizing those who share this commitment.  If you’d like to see the media tipping point, please share RebootTheMedia!


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