Media and the Law of Attraction

Remember this as you listen to all the mid-term election chatter on the news:  “There is no greater source of negative influence in your environment today than your television.  Of course, as in every part of your environment, there is ‘wanted’ and ‘unwanted’, and you do have the ability to focus and therefore to receive value from your television and media — but those sources do bring you a tremendously distorted, imbalanced point of view.  They look all around your world for pockets of trouble, shining spotlights upon them and magnifying them and enhancing the trouble with dramatic music and then funneling it into your living rooms, giving you a tremendously distorted picture of the trouble, versus the Well-Being, of your planet.*

Sounds like much of TV today, doesn’t it?  The simple fact is, the media shapes our reality, if only because it incessantly repeats each narrative with such authority (music, graphics and all), that eventually we can’t help but think there is some truth to it.  Or, we go in the complete opposite direction, and try to either refute or avoid the news, which still validates the narrative by taking a position around it.  Who doesn’t believe the Republicans will win back the House (even though Election Day hasn’t happened yet)?  That the country is deeply divided (are we? or are we just acting out what we’ve come to believe through irresponsible media reporting in the past couple years).  That there is a war in Afghanistan and something about George Clooney and the Sudan, but few people can find either place on a map.  This is the (somewhat wasted) power of the media.

For one thing, the media could be better used to educate people about actual facts. What are the issues at stake in this election?  What does the Constitution say?  How do all these issues work and what is the impact of various votes and actions on these issues?  There are scholars, scientists and other professionals — not just pundits — who can talk about the economy, environment, and jobs, you know.  And no, it doesn’t have to be boring — there are plenty of great producers who could make that kind of television fascinating, entertaining, and informative.

People love the Gandhi quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  While he may not of thought of it in these terms, that precept is consistent with the Law of Attraction.  So, if you are in the industry, put the content you want to see in the world into the media. If you are a consumer, keep demanding that content until we reach the tipping point, and meanwhile look for and support the content that is already out there making a difference — “SEE the change you want to BE in the world.”  And that’s what RebootTheMedia is all about.


*Source: p. 130 of Money, and the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  The passage goes on to talk about the “constant barrage of medical commercials” but might as well be about the constant barrage of negative political ads, punditry, or any number of harmful things that pass as media content these days.

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