HALO Awards Recognize Teens Who Make a Difference

A shout out to my friends at Nickelodeon for the HALO Awards.  “HALO” stands for “Helping And Leading Others”, and is designed to shine the spotlight on “ordinary teens doing extraordinary things in their community,” according to Nick Cannon, host of the show and Chairman of TeenNick.

After the overkill of entertainment award shows where everything from “best kiss” to “best villain” was lauded, there is a new trend to award people who are up to something that actually makes a difference in the world (see VH1’s Do Something Awards and CNN Heroes).  Appropriately, the award is a baton — as in “passing the baton” — which is exactly what celebrities will be doing to four unsuspecting, extraordinary young people, along with providing resources and tools to help them make a difference.

The HALO Awards premieres on the Nickelodeon channels on Friday, December 10th at 8pm/7pm and repeats throughout the week.  Check local listings.

Did you watch this with your kids?  Please leave a comment below (scroll down) to let us know how they responded.

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