Recommended: A Good Cry

Need a good cry?  Want to wallow in the very best of human nature — to witness simple acts of kindness that are easily given yet mean so much?  You can find some of those moments right in your own home, watching TV.  In one of the most promising trends of a rebooted media, there are shows that give us a good cry for all the right reasons — moments of giving and receiving that move and inspire.

Here are a few of our favorite cry-worthy shows — where ordinary people are recognized, appreciated, and given what they want or need — the moment of realization that someone cares, someone has noticed, someone has listened and answered their prayers.    Check these out:

Undercover Boss — read the comments of Undercover Boss fans on Facebook and you’ll agree:  this show moves people, especially the last 10 minutes when the boss gives back to the employees in very personal, meaningful ways that the employee never expected.  Sundays, 9p/8p on CBS.

Who Do You Think You Are — as celebrities trace their roots, they discover the realities of the people who literally made them who they are.  History comes alive in the beauty and timelessness of a human life, complete with all its struggles and victories.  Fridays, 8p/7p on NBC.

Let’s Make A Deal — that’s right, Let’s Make A Deal.  Watch someone win a car and witness their surprise, joy and disbelief that they are really being given something wonderful.  Weekdays on CBS, check local listings.

Coming up, we are looking forward to the premiere of Secret Millionaire, in which the millionaires “spend a week in the country’s poorest areas and ultimately reward some unsung community heroes with hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money.”  Sundays, 8p/7p on ABC.

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