Why We Want To Be The Secret Millionaire

One of the most watched new shows of the season is ABC’s Secret Millionaire, where someone who has it all spends time with those who are struggling just to get by.  At the end of the hour the “haves” reveal their identity and give back to the “have nots” in ways that touch, move and inspire them both.

In each episode, a millionaire goes undercover, spending a week living in some of the country’s poorest areas, seeing firsthand how the other half lives.  While there, they meet and work alongside people in the community who are making a difference — such as the ladies pictured above who run the “Love Kitchen” to feed the needy in Knoxville, TN.  At the end of each episode, the millionaire reveals the truth and makes a personal cash donation to the various individuals or charitable organizations with whom they worked during the week.

It’s an inspiring mix of the unbridled joy of the people receiving a gift that allows them to continue to do the work that makes a difference; and the profound desire we all have to be that miracle — that abundance — that helps another human being.

If you like Undercover Boss, you’ll like Secret Millionaire.  Both are on Sunday nights — Millionaire on ABC at 8p/7p and Boss on NBC at 9p/8p.

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