In Memoriam

Recently my mother passed away.  As friends and family gathered, I heard over and over how “positive” and “cheery” my mother was — always — throughout her life, and even through the health issues that ended it.

From the day she met my father, they were in love.  They met while working at a summer camp in the Catskills in 1951, and were planning to celebrate their 60th year together with a party this June.  You can’t truly understand what it is to lose your soul mate after all those wonderful years together unless you’ve experienced it firsthand.  Seeing my father go through such a great loss… it is profound.

My parents have three grown children — me and my older and younger brothers — and seven grandchildren (and a grand-dog).  In addition to their family, they shared a career by working together.  They traveled the world and met all sorts of great people. Their life together was extraordinary.

A new chapter begins – a chapter none of us wanted.  It’s too soon to tell how it will be written, but this much I know for sure:  I will carry my mother’s positive spirit and cheerful demeanor in my heart.  I will hear her humming, see her smile light up a room, and know how blessed we are.

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  1. Thank you Josh, and everyone, for your kind wishes and fond memories.

  2. So eloquently written. I am so grateful to get to know your mom through you. You have inspired me to fulfill on my dreams just as I’m sure your mom had inspired you.

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