Reboot Update – Shows That Made A Difference

RebootTheMedia was an early fan of two shows that have the stats to back up the difference they made.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (ABC) struggled to get a foothold in the Los Angeles school district this year.  The show has raised awareness of the health toll from feeding our children junk (plastic wrapped donuts for breakfast) and even got Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District John Deasy to announce to Jamie live, on the Jimmy Kimmel show, that he’s going to recommend that LA schools stop serving sugar-filled flavored milks in school.  Over 677,000 people have signed Jamie’s petition to bring schoolkids better food — now you can too.

Undercover Boss (CBS) just held its season finale and posted the following achievements in its freshman year:

  • 75 company-wide improvements
  • more than a million people benefited from changes the undercover boss promised to deliver
  • 33 employees featured on the show who might otherwise have been overlooked were promoted
  • 25 people received scholarships to further their education
  • 41 families enjoyed extra (paid) vacations as rewards and to encourage life-work balance
  • Six people were given new housing making it possible for them to thrive on the job
  • more than $600,000 was given away from the boss, company or donors to improve the quality of life for employees
  • Four people were given their own franchise
  • One worker became a U.S. citizen

What are your favorite TV shows doing to affect positive change in the world?


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