Arianna Huffington Agrees with RebootTheMedia

Arianna Huffington, perhaps taking a page out of RebootTheMedia’s playbook, noted that had Hurricane Irene been “Hurricane Jobs” and had the media covered the enormous devastation the jobs crisis has caused in the lives of millions of people the same way they covered the hurricane, EVERYTHING WOULD BE TRANSFORMED.

(You can watch the clip on The Huffington Post (fast forward to 1:20).

As has been noted elsewhere, the response to Hurricane Irene from local, state and Federal officials (as well as everyday Americans) was extraordinary. We now need to bring that collective energy together to solve the chronic crises of our times, including the job crisis.

As RebootTheMedia posted earlier in The Storm That Could Change The World:

It is noteworthy that during times of crisis or impeding disaster, the country bands together as one to overcome a larger foe and pray for everyone’s safety. Well, we have plenty of chronic crises and impending disasters in this country and indeed the world — unemployment, violence, hunger, preventable illness and suffering, to name a few — what a difference the media could make if it attempted to address those issues with the same intensity as the storm coverage?

How many more disasters do we need to bring us together? When will we come together just because it is in our best interests to do so?

Arianna, feel free to start with your media empire. Cover the crises… transform the world.

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  1. Nice article. I feel that Arianna does stir things up whenever she can, and is highly respected for it. Hope we get a Hurricane Jobs soon!

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