Imagine There’s No Countries

TV entertainment is at its best when it is popular and spiritual — such as this clip which provides a deeper view of humanity, accessible through pop culture and seen by the masses.

Emmanuel Kelly, a contestant on Australia’s “X Factor”, was born in a war zone in Iraq where he received his injuries as a baby. His mother found him in an orphanage and like an “angel” brought him back to Australia to live. This story on its own is inspiring.

What makes this clip extraordinary is the crowd’s reaction as he sings John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Watch it here:

A civilian casualty, a symbol of war from a polarizing part of the world, this singer uses media and the arts to put people in touch with a deeper reality.

Ask yourself: What brings the audience to their feet cheering when he sings, “Imagine there’s no countries”?

The media revolution brings about human evolution.


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