What’s It Going to Take

Tonight the President will address the nation about jobs and, as always, he has the opportunity to use the media to make a difference and possibly transform our national dialog. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t even wait for him to speak any more, to begin spinning their interpretation of what he will say. These days what matters is what the media covers —  whose voices will be heard and what they will use the media platform for.

Jobs and the economy is an issue that affects the lives of millions of Americans. With so much at stake, will we seize the moment and transform it into an opportunity to communicate ideas and work together to solve problems? (Probably not this time.) Will we play partisan games and take sides? (No doubt.) Or are we so crushed–so resigned–by the debate that we just turn our backs and walk away?

Who are we going to be and how are we going to listen to this national conversation?

What’s it going to take to be inspired?

watch now:

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  1. Have things changed? I wrote a similar post just over a year ago, when the President spoke after the BP oil spill: https://rebootthemedia.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/how-do-we-listen/

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