Feel Good Winning Moments

Two Reality TV winners were crowned last night, and there was plenty of inspiration to go around. These are people who truly did it their way and made their dreams come true by being themselves, making choices they believe in, and playing full-out.

I Did It My Way – America’s Got Talent‘s new winner is Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. who used to wash cars for a living. With a voice like Sinatra, he is now a million dollar crooner with a show in Vegas. Watch his performance and see why doing it “my way” made his dream come true.

Also watch an amazing performance by 11-year-old opera singer Jackie Evancho, last year’s runner-up and one of the most gifted vocalists to ever appear on America’s Got Talent. Many people think she must be lip-syncing to a much older singer — but this really is her voice. True talent is inspiring… not to mention, it’s one of the most moving pieces of music ever written!

Cinderella Story – We loved Rachel’s metamorphosis from the contestant fans loved to hate in her Big Brother debut last year, to this year’s big winner — earning respect, a growing fan base, and half a million dollars. As she herself put it, it’s a “Cinderella story”.

Watch as Julie Chen reveals the votes — when Shelly’s vote is read Rachel realizes she has enough votes to win the game and the reality hits her.

We love happy endings, and the joy they bring to people. Let’s see more of that in the media!

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