Huge Conversations Happening Today

There are huge conversations of global proportion and impact happening today.

President Bill Clinton is in New York, hosting conversations with world leaders in government, business, and NGOs at the 2011 meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. CGI’s mission is to inspire, connect, and empower a community of global leaders to forge solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges — e.g. maximizing efforts to alleviate poverty, create a cleaner environment, and increase access to health care and education.

Get involved in the conversation where bold statements like these are discussed:

“American public is remarkably impervious to getting accurate information.”

“Whether you can win or not in a fight that’s worth fighting, get caught trying.”

“America can’t hide from the world.”

“What can any American do on the climate? “Make it politically unacceptable to engage in denial.”

“The purpose of aid has to be empowerment…to create a system where they don’t need you anymore.”

Sign up for RSVP reminders or catch live streams of the conference here

…or follow on Twitter at #CGI2011.

View web archives of the conversations here.

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