What happens when you are pushed off the rat-race hamster wheel of your ordinary job in your ordinary life and try to create something entirely new with the same broken parts?

That is the question that befalls Laura Dern’s character, Amy, as she undertakes a journey to be “enlightened” in the new HBO series of that name..

We recommend this show for its realistic portrayal of someone who is in the process of that transformation — perhaps, like most people reading this now — she has seen the errors of her ways, had a personal breakthrough in consciousness, declared herself committed to making a difference, and is now struggling to bring that experience of enlightenment to the real everyday world she inhabits.

How do you find enlightenment in the real world? What does it “mean” when you reach out to others from a new space of love and forgiveness and they don’t exactly embrace the new enlightened you? Does it mean you’ve failed and the peace of mind you thought you had attained isn’t real? Or is the environment and the people around you just unsure about stepping into that new possibility?

As Amy, Laura Dern does a great job — the first episode starts with just a complete and utterly fabulous workplace meltdown, and ends with the most beatific spiritual vision — in the same workplace! You must see this show.

Creator/writer, executive producer (along with Dern) and cast member Mike White also ran The Amazing Race (twice!) on a team with his father — so an extra shout out to Mike for being so cool.


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