Get Used To It, Part II

Last February we blogged here about the social revolution in Egypt, and said, “Get used to it.” Now, as we predicted, social revolution is the new norm.

While the media doesn’t seem quite as fascinated with democracy at home as it was with the burgeoning democracy in Egypt, there is, nonetheless, a growing movement in this country–one that is not reliant on big media to carry the message. As Robert Reich says in the Occupy rally footage circulating online (see below), “some people in the media are going to say ‘oh, this is over.’ It’s not going to be over, it’s never going to be over. You can’t stop this once it’s started.”

More excerpts:

“For outside critics who say, ‘well, what do you stand for and what are your demands,’ you tell them, ‘be patient’. Because, like the civil rights movement and like every other major movement in history, those demands percolate. We know what we are about broadly, we know we want a more just society, we know things have got completely skewed and out of whack.

“How can we change, fundamentally, politics? The only way Washington changes is if people outside Washington make so much of a ruckus (non-violently) that Washington can’t help but pay attention.”

What do you think?



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