Awarding Good

Last February, we at RebootTheMedia wrote, “let’s reboot the awards shows to include a world where we bestow honors not for acting, but for being.” Well, we’re seeing just that, with a growing trend of award shows that actually award people and causes that make a difference.

NBC is hosting the American Giving Awards on December 10th. Even though we’re a bit skeptical about the J.P. Morgan Chase bank sponsorship, we acknowledge the two million dollar donation to charities, and, perhaps more importantly, the prime-time television exposure for charitable giving.

Five specific charities are highlighted – again, great to showcase (although perhaps inappropriate to mix competition and voting with winning the biggest donation). For a complete list, check the NBC website.

And one day later CNN broadcasts its second annual “CNN Heroes Awards” celebrating “everyday people changing the world”. Meet the 2011 heroes here.

Check online or local TV listings to watch the awards.  You can also read earlier posts about other ‘good’ award shows in the RebootTheMedia archives:

VH1 Do Something Awards

CNN Heroes 2010

Nickelodeon HALO (Helping and Leading Others) Awards

Medal of Freedom

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