Energy Flows Where Attention Goes (just saying)

Here is a fascinating report on the year’s top trending topics, and it begs the question: should we be talking about things that matter more? Are we frittering away our energy and attention on trivial matters, missing the opportunity for a breakthrough via social media?

Nothing wrong with enjoying entertainment. It’s all harmless enough, there’s nothing malicious about it. I’m not suggesting anyone give this up. I’m just saying that we have the truly miraculous ability to communicate on a global scale — and here’s what we’re talking about most. Does this reflect what is most important or useful to humanity?

RebootTheMedia focuses on the opportunity to use the media to make a difference. We’ve seen many examples of this in 2011, and there will be even more in 2012. Yet, we still have a long way to go. There is plenty of opportunity to find the sweet spot between communicating ideas that transform and inspire, and satisfying the community need for gossip and entertainment.

Here’s to the media evolution… to creating stories told in the media that make a difference AND that everyone will search for, tweet and post about!

2011 in review infographic



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