May You Be Seen, Known, and Appreciated

Reality TV talent shows provide some very inspiring moments, as when the humblest, most unassuming people turn out to have incredible talent. While we are inspired by these singers, we are even more inspired by the audience reaction. Every performer knows there is magic in the moment when an audience together is touched, moved, and inspired.

There is a power in shared experience — something mass media delivers like nothing in our history. Through shared moments such as this, we are reminded that magnificence can be hidden anywhere, waiting to be seen, known and appreciated.

If you are lucky you will be seen, known and appreciated for who you truly are. If you are truly fortunate, the universe will align to fulfill your greatest self-expression and highest purpose.

And if you are truly blessed, you will be one of the judges–I mean, angels–who gets to help others realize their fullest potential of who they really are.

More great RebootTheMedia Reality TV moments:


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