What if we talked about THIS on the news?

You’re about to hear something extraordinary.

Watch the video below and imagine this same idea being brought to you on the network evening news. Impossible, you would say. But why not? Why not talk about these things, in this way, when you have an audience of millions of people listening? What would happen to the way we live… to what we think about and how we relate to each other?

Now think about what we squander our nightly news broadcasts on.

Remember, what once seemed like science fiction all too often comes true… As Thomas Hubl says in this short video, as unreal as the notion would have been 300 years ago that you would watch your hero ride a horse on a screen and you would be sitting in a room enjoying it — so, too, are other realities possible that we now think are only fiction.

Indeed, what if we turned on our TV and actually heard someone who “brings insights into the social discourse and exchanges across borders with those who have innovative ideas and visions to the current situation in the world.”

Would this be a good use of the media?

[Note: This video features Thomas Hübl, a new evolutionary thinker and contemporary spiritual teacher.]

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