Why Bill Maher is Wrong

Undercover Boss and Secret Millionaire are inspiring shows in which someone from the “1%” goes incognito among the “99%” and gets to know them as an equal — before revealing themselves (“I’m really a millionaire” or “I’m the CEO”) and giving money and gifts to the people they got to know during the episode.

In the video below, Bill Maher skewers these shows, saying we’re fools for wanting some rich guy to come save us, and for finding that to be inspirational. But Bill Maher is wrong – that’s not what inspires us.

What inspires us is the hope that someday we will be so rich and powerful that we can give twenty–or fifty–thousand dollars to someone in need and change their life.

We aspire to be the giver. What inspires us are the acts of generosity — because it helps us believe in a world where the “haves” give, so the “have nots” can have, too.

What do you think?

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