But how do you stop?

If you follow the news, or are in a battleground state and see lots of political advertising, you’ll realize that making the other party wrong and your party or candidate right seems to be the only game in town.

That’s the one and only goal: to win, and make the other guy lose.

The media perpetuates this fight. We complain about the media and the pundits — and then turn around and have the same heated arguments online with each other (read the “comments” section of any political story). Their guy is bad. Our guy is good. Which leads to, you’re wrong and we’re right. (Actually, people usually write things much worse than that.)

These days, like never before, it has just become so important to treat this like some big tug-of-war on who’s right/wrong, who wins/loses.

Why are we so committed to taking sides?

It’s kind of like a nicotine addiction. Hard habit to break. But it doesn’t really contribute to your quality of life.

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  1. It’s a Nash equilibrium, also. No party stands to benefit by changing tactics. In order for cooperative campaigning to become a reality, both “sides” would have to agree to trust each other to run clean campaigns.

    Dirty campaigns work. Short of changing the motivations of the entire populace, the only other solution is re-tooling the system so that it’s too complex for negative campaigning to work.

    • Thank you for your comment. I hadn’t heard of “Nash equilibrium” before – very interesting. I guess that’s why transforming the media (and ourselves) at that level calls for a “game changer”!

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