An idea whose time has come

Sometimes the best ideas aren’t the newest ideas… they are ideas that came before their time and revisited now are even more relevant and important.

One such idea is Spaceship Earth – “a world that works for everyone” – envisioned by futurist Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983).

We recently stumbled upon a piece in Huffington Post on Fuller by L. Steven Sieden, titled, When Politics Became Lethal. He writes:

“…we don’t need politics, politicians or any divisive organizations to govern or manage our affairs. What we do need is great administrators, but these are not elected positions. Our future global administrators need to be trained professionals who manage human affairs on behalf of us all and are not beholden to any corporation, government, religion or investor.

“The time has come for “we the people” to recognize that we are a sovereign global community, and that the politics of divide and conquer that have been the norm for centuries are obsolete and leading us to the brink of extinction.”

Yes, these are the ideas that RebootTheMedia celebrates! We want to share them with you here, and hope the mainstream media will eventually consider them.

As Sieden writes: “If we can instantly vote on who will win American Idol or Dancing With the Stars, why can’t we instantly vote on whether to spend our tax money on jet fighters or schools, on aircraft carriers or health care, on weaponry or livingry?”

And if real life was covered as entertainment TV, rather than as conflict-driven news programming, we bet a lot more people would be voting.

Read the full article, When Politics Became Lethal  here.

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