Beyond Heaven and Earth

UPDATE: Watch Theresa on Dr. Oz as she gets a brain scan during a reading – see what happens!

I wasn’t expecting to like “Long Island Medium“, the TLC series about a Long Island wife and mother who talks to “Spirit” (people who have passed) and relays their messages to the people still living. But this show is actually one of the best embodiments of “rebooting” the media that I have encountered.

As Shakespeare once wrote, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” The brilliance of this show is how it takes an everyday experience (watching TV), with a show about an everyday person (a Long Island wife and mother), and creates something so extraordinary and other-worldly.

Theresa Caputo, the woman who connects people with their loved ones who have passed, could have just as easily been a cast member in Real Housewives of Long Island with her long manicured nails and bleached beehive hairdo. Her down-to-earth nature is disarming, her relationship with her husband and kids is ordinary, her self-awareness is refreshing (as she recently told David Letterman, “I don’t know how I do this!”). Yet the detailed, reassuring messages she conveys leave no doubt about her ability to communicate with the dead.

Whether speaking to someone who has come for a one-on-one reading at her house, or to a group who have come to hear her speak, or even to a stranger in line at the check-out or at another table in the same restaurant — the impact and aftermath of her spoken truth is hauntingly, devastatingly beautiful. People are left feeling protected, comforted and, frankly, moved beyond the controlled everyday world of our limiting beliefs. Through these encounters, heart, mind, and soul is cracked open, letting divine light and love pour out.

>> Watch amazing clips from Theresa’s spirit communications here.

Long Island Medium is on TLC Sundays 9p/8c. Check local listings.


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