Let’s Make A Deal

fiscalcliffYes, actually, I mean the TV game show.

With no new episodes of my favorite TV shows to watch during the holidays, I have taken to recording Let’s Make A Deal with Wayne Brady. And I have to admit, I get moved by just about every episode. So let me explain why I love this kooky game show, in which people dress up in wacky costumes in hopes of being called on to play a game and possibly win money or prizes while trying to avoid being “Zonked” (winning a gag prize).

Nothing sophisticated, transformational, or spiritual about it — or is there?

Watching the show, you see people’s hopes, dreams and sheer delight at receiving gifts. It’s just that simple. The teacher who needs a car and can’t believe she just won one… The student who wins $500 and acts like that’s all the money in the world to him… the newlyweds or retired couple who win a trip to a beautiful island destination… there’s something uplifting about seeing people get not just what they want, but something they didn’t believe they could have just moments before.

I’m not moved because I like getting gifts. What is moving and inspiring is knowing you can give something that means so much to someone else. Kind of like the “fiscal cliff”.  Hey Congress. Let’s make a deal.


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