The President is a Liar (and other media myths)

morningjoeFrom time to time, I get asked to clarify what RebootTheMedia is all about. What does “media that makes a difference” mean?

Some websites are dedicated to “good news” or “positivity” — they cover good Samaritans and other acts of kindness. Those are touching and inspire, and we support them — in fact we’ve covered some of those stories ourselves. But that’s not all there is.

RebootTheMedia stands for using the media to make a difference. It makes a difference what you say — especially when you have an audience of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. Everything, all the time, is advertising something — the question to be asking is, what are they selling, and are you buying it?

Particularly toxic is the form of media known as “news”. The last President of the United States? A horrible liar. The current President of the United States? A horrible liar. Really? That’s what you’re doing with your soapbox? You have millions of people listening to you, you are shaping the world’s perception, and that’s what the conversation is going to be about?

While the pundits stay addicted to inflammatory reporting, it’s nice to get some perspective on the 24 hour news cycle. This article from Salon does a good job. Um, certain facts have been revealed that make past assertions less credible. So the big scandals are not really big scandals after all. That doesn’t stop anyone. No one seems encouraged to create anything of value from this news.

As Joan Walsh, editor at large of Salon wrote, “Meanwhile, the headline crawl on ‘Morning Joe’ announced: ‘U.S. deficit shrinks far faster than expected.’ But the words sat there silently, drowned out by noise about mostly made-up scandals.”

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