Our National Attention Deficit Disorder

CGI America WJCIn a recent interview, President Clinton was asked for what must feel like the billionth time whether Hillary is running for President. After his good-natured reply, he spoke about a serious issue with the media — and why we must reboot it:

“I think that only fixating on politics all the time gives us a sense of National Attention Deficit Disorder, and it keeps us from giving attention to the [other] kinds of questions… We have staggering challenges in America…  and we have these brilliant opportunities…  We shouldn’t just fixate on the next presidential election all the time — we need to take a little time off to work, and think about what our country needs and what we can do together, and think about what the parties can do together and how we can reach across these lines that divide us and make something good happen for America.”

He went on to say that when he put CGI together, he thought they were “creating a network where business and philanthropists and government could work with non-government organizations all over the world… and we were creating a network that would be creative… Because of the political divisions we see in our country today, I also think it is a counter model for how people ought to make all kinds of decisions….

“Solving [difficult] challenges doesn’t fall very well within this harsh rhetoric we keep being fed from the national capitol… Today, I am convinced that the people are as divided as they are because political interests feed them things designed to maintain that division, and in fact, the people with the money and the power and the influence and the political positions in the country are more divided than the public is. So I try with these CGI meetings to give people a chance to be free of all that and just focus on what might work.”

CGI America, an annual event from the Clinton Global Initiative, featured two days of conversations between government, business, and non-profits to “develop solutions that increase employment, advance access to education and skills development, strengthen energy security, and promote an environment for business growth and innovation.”

See some of the highlights and accomplishments here: cgiamerica.org/blog

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