The Happy Song (that no one saw coming)

**Scroll down for “the world’s first 24 hour video” (24 hours of happy)

This is a perfect example of what RebootTheMedia looks for, what we mean when we say “see the change you want to be in the world”. See it. It’s already there. See it.

Here’s how it works.

Pharrell Williams had been a music producer for years, putting out hits for lots of big stars. By all accounts, he already had a successful career in show business. But, as he himself says, “I was always the guy standing next to ‘the guy’.”

He got a job writing songs for an animated film called “Despicable Me 2” – a sequel to a successful children’s film. He wrote a song about why one of the characters is happy, and the producers rejected it. Over and over. He wrote nine songs before finding the one they put into the movie for that scene.

The song didn’t take off right away. But what came next, no one saw coming.

Soon the media was saturated with “Happy”. People around the world were uploading videos of themselves dancing in the streets to this song from a kids’ movie. And just like that – “Happy” used the media to make a difference.

**Watch “the world’s first 24 hour music video” of people dancing to the song at: 

That is the beauty of the media: it’s the one way you can communicate ideas that transform and inspire to a worldwide audience.

So if you’ve ever felt that you were just the “guy standing next to ‘the guy'” . . . or that you weren’t right for the job you were given . . .  remember this song, this story. And know that you never know . . . You never know.

Enjoy the complete music video from Pharrell Williams here:



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