More Cops Like This, Please

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 11.48.01 AMWe change society by changing our actions. By modeling new behaviors, and witnessing that lived experience, new options become available; new ways of being.

We first posted the “Christmas Surprise” gift-giving cop story a few days ago, but wondered if it was too fanciful to be believable, given all the press about the tension between law enforcement and civilians. But them we found this new piece by Steve Hartman for CBS News, on “Secret Santa” cops.

Not only does this help retrain people’s reactions to police, but you can see the police officers themselves come alive with the experience of not only giving, but also receiving the gratitude of thankful people.

Watch the video here:

The original Reboot post is below:

What if tomorrow, we woke up into a world where this is what the cops were like?

With Ferguson and Eric Garner and protests in the news, this may seem like a silly thing. But “what if”?

Enjoy this video of people being pulled over and receiving quite the Christmas Surprise from this cop:

Watch more fun videos of gracious giving here: A Gesture of Generosity.

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