There are no heros in politics

tvIt’s no secret that politics are polarizing these days, and that negative campaigning rallies the base.

What hasn’t been spoken, is what that “base” really refers to… it is the basest nature of humanity. It taps our reptilian brain, emboldens our “us vs. them” mentality, and soon divisiveness defines us.

However, in modern times we have cultivated something called “good sportsmanship” among our star athletes and role models. Watch even the hardest fought contests with the most virulent fans, and after the game you’ll see players and coaches alike giving calm, thoughtful speeches praising the talents of their opponent.

I always marvel at the generosity and professionalism of the athletes, whether they win or lose, and I can only imagine they are trained as much in sportsmanship as they are shooting hoops.

If only our politicians were trained this way.


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  1. Love this, Diane! It seems like there was good sportsmanship in politics when I was growing up. It seems there was mutual respect for the different positions, people battled hard on the issues, and at the end of the day both sides shook hands. Maybe it was the naivete of my youth but I really remember the ’70’s and 80’s being this way.

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