Maybe Tipper Gore Was Right

tipper goreFor years many of us thought if only Al Gore had become President, maybe 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. And if 9/11 never happened, maybe the horrible explosion of terrorism and violence across the world might not be so pervasive these days.


But maybe we have the wrong Gore. Maybe it was Tipper, who was on to something. You may remember Tipper Gore’s work with the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center), testifying in Congress about violent and explicit lyrics in pop music. For a while the record industry provided “parental advisory” stickers to warn of offensive content.

But the explicit lyrics she objected to back in the late 1980s/early 1990s were quaint by today’s standards.

Artistic creations on television and film also became more and more graphic, especially in their portrayal of violence.

And now we wonder how people can mow people down with a speeding truck, or shoot to kill cops, or fire at passersby on the freeway with an automatic weapon. And we gasp in horror as terrorists blow up our buildings.

We marvel at life imitating art.

None of this should be surprising. Video games give players the experience of running people over and shooting them, even hearing their cries. Movies show the destruction of our capitol, our iconic landmarks. It doesn’t matter if it’s aliens or Middle Eastern terrorist types; the point is we’ve seen it.

Through violent images in the media, we are conditioning ourselves for horror.

Spirituality says we create our reality. Our collective consciousness expresses itself into outward manifestations. In the early days of computers, there was a saying, GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out, which is to say, if you program garbage into the machine, it’s going to give you garbage back out.

We are what we feed ourselves. As President Obama has said in response to recent events, what we say matters. Choose our words wisely.

Media matters. (RebootTheMedia: Celebrating media that makes a difference.)

But back to Tipper. The other cause for which she is known is her service as Mental Health Policy Advisor to President Clinton, championing the need for affordable mental health care and diminishing the stigma surrounding mental illness, so that people needing help could get it. What might this effort have prevented, had it been enacted more fully?

Many if not all of the recent attacks have been carried out by people suspected of having mental problems. So we could say that Tipper was on to something, raising awareness of the need to care for people with mental health issues and the need to caution people about violent or explicit content. A volatile mix, indeed.


Source: Wikipedia 🙂

Gore rose to prominence for her work with the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), voicing strong opinions and advocating censorship, for the labeling of record covers of releases featuring profane language, especially in the heavy metal, punk and hip hop genres.

As Second Lady, Gore served as Mental Health Policy Advisor to the President.[11] Her goals were to diminish the stigma surrounding mental illness and to bring awareness to the need for affordable mental health care.[16][25] In 1999, Gore hosted the first White House Conference on Mental Health.[16] That same year, she launched the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign (NMHAC) to encourage Americans to seek treatment for mental illness.



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