On 2017: Crisis, Opportunity, and The Butterfly Effect

2017It’s been a tough year, globally. Personally, individually, for some it was the best of times, for others it was the worst.

One thing that’s certain is that there isn’t a lot of certainty. The old world order is no longer enough to hold the bounds of civility together. New times call for new ways of being.

This is truly that “crisis / opportunity” moment.

The media plays a huge role in what we perceive – and what we perceive becomes what we believe. There is so much opportunity for amplifying positive, hopeful, messages that honor the best in people, but the current media environment has become too fractured to affect that transformation.

There’s the mainstream media (“they’re biased!”), the proliferation of media (consuming stories that reinforce our own thought bubbles), and the boundaries of professional reporting have all but melted away in a universe where anyone can be a publisher of anything (true or not).

For years, I’ve been saying “it’s time to reboot the media.” Now I see the challenge is both larger and smaller. Yes, it would be great if the media transformed overnight and reported responsibly, shining light on problems while offering hope for solutions.

But doesn’t change comes from within? Charity begin at home? How does the song go, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”?

As it happens, often it is one person, one moment, one act, that tips the scales towards that which is wanting to happen on a bigger level. The butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects, and when there are hundreds of butterflies all flapping their wings, doesn’t change expand exponentially?

I will be looking to see what I need to do to bring forth my greatest contribution, or, as my friend Neale Donald Walsch, the bestselling author of Conversations with God, says, “to recreate yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision you ever had about Who You Really Are.”

And I invite you to do the same.


“Our greatness lies in not so much being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Peace and blessings. May this be your year.


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