What You See Will Be Your Choosing

Art – especially TV and film – is an amazing tool to bring humanity to higher consciousness.

But it all depends on your point of view.

There has been so much in the news and on TV that is divisive these days, and so many ways in which the messengers have failed to use the media to make a difference.

There are those of us who yearn for such a transformation in our culture. Like many of them, it can feel hopeless, at times, because I know I alone cannot fix it. The problem is too overwhelming and seems to be too far entrenched in our society to change.

Yet we must try… to bring about a better world, each in our own way, however that calls to us.

We can point to examples that bring in the light until the tipping point turns more of us towards what is good.

I see Messiah as a show about mystical principles and how love overcomes fear. Many people writing the reviews see the show as a warning. Is the Messiah a false God? Is it all just a con?

The scene at the end of Episode 6 sheds light on that question. As miraculous events on both sides of the world are about to appear, the Messiah says:

Look around you.
What do you see?
Is your world good?
Is it evil?
Ask yourself who is guilty?
Who is innocent?
What are you?
Look at your neighbor.
Be brave enough to see yourself.
Your own reflection cast back at you.
Each… reflected in each.
Look where you stand.
In a shining city on a hill.
In the land of the free and the brave.
Standing for liberty and justice.
How true do those words ring for you?
When did you bring liberty?
Where did you cause justice?
I stand at the gate of a nation.
A nation where power is not invited.
I stand at the gate and I look out upon you and you look back to me.
But all I can do is reflect what I see.
If you have come to receive, you will go away poor.
If you have come here to understand, you will leave here lost.
For those who have understood, for those who have received… 
It is time.
Returning to your scripture will not save you.
Bending to your knees will not please anyone.
That time has passed.
This time is now.
You are the judged.
You are the chosen.
I’m here to break the mirror, so you shall see on what side you stand.
What you see… will be your choosing.

Messiah, Netflix (Season 1, Episode 6)

What do you choose to see?

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