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“Be the change you want to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

“SEE the change you want to BE in the world.” — RebootTheMedia

RebootTheMedia supports the growing movement to produce and deliver content that inspires, motivates, educates, and generally contributes to the human spirit, serving a substantial audience that is increasingly fed up with negative content and hungry for something more uplifting and relevant.

RebootTheMedia starts by bringing to light and celebrating shows, stories, and individuals that are already out there, making a difference.  That’s what we mean by “SEE the change you want to BE in the world.”

Ultimately, RebootTheMedia exists to create the tipping point for a flourishing media business that makes a difference.


RebootTheMedia was founded by Diane Reed, a media executive with over twenty years of industry experience.  She launched her entertainment career in the TV and Network Feature Films department at Warner Bros. then joined MTV Networks as Sumner Redstone bought parent company Viacom.  During her tenure, she had a front row seat to the media revolution as MTVN went from three networks – MTV, VH-1, and Nickelodeon — to upwards of twenty-eight networks that live on multiple media platforms.

While there, Diane was responsible for branding MTV Networks industry-wide and supporting the launch of several new networks. She produced hundreds of celebrity events, established the mtvn.com website, and developed numerous marketing and communications campaigns.   She pursued her commitment to make a difference as a member of the MTV Networks Diversity Council, by partnering with the Cable Television Public Affairs Association’s Beacon Awards, and then as marketing director for Landmark Education, and working with The Clinton Global Initiative and CGI America.

Diane helped manage campaigns for bestselling books on transformational business management, including Tribal Leadership and The Three Laws of Performance. She worked for Evolving Wisdom, where she oversaw online marketing and education programs for Neale Donald Walsch, bestselling author of the Conversations with God book series, and Dr. Jean Houston, author, and one of the founders of the human potential movement.

Spreading the power of transformative communications, Diane now offers marketing consulting through her company, Mercury Forward (clients include the spiritual teacher and mystic Thomas Hübl).

Diane is writing a book, The Spiritual Guide to Marketing. She lives in Chicago with her husband, Dan, and their dog, Jigen.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller


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  1. Hi Diane, have got here through a link left on Daniel James’ blog. Interested in this idea. I live in the wide brown Land of Oz, birthplace of that omniscient Media Emperor, Rupert.

    Am interested in the concept of rebooting the media. I am a blogger (The Network: http://misseaglesnetwork.blogspot.com) and a lover of public media i.e. Australia’s ABC and the UK’s BBC. Rupert hates these two institutions because he believes they compete with him and people don’t have to pay to access them.

    In Australia, our pay TV is Foxtel and, of course, we have SKY News. One only gets to see John Stewart and Stephen Colbert if a subscriber to Foxtel. In our recent Federal election, the ABC had some glitches unfortunately and some substantial stuff that would have gone to the ABC was on SKY. SKY’s reporters are certainly not at the same competency levels at the ABC and some of the commentary was disastrous.

    SKY also has A-PAC, Australian Public Affairs Channel. This is useful but very basic particularly in regard to advance programming information.

    I would be pleased of advice of how I might be able to access some of your material by computer/live stream here in Australia.

    All the best
    Brigid Walsh
    Melbourne, Vic.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your viewpoint and for posting about RebootTheMedia on your blog. There is a growing movement to bring about a tipping point for media that makes a difference and it has worldwide support!

      As far as accessing our material in Australia, may I suggest you follow me on Twitter @RebootTheMedia, as well as whatever other American media companies you can follow (I like Huffington Post and Daily Beast — they aggregate content from a wide variety of sources).

      Best of luck!

  2. Thanks to George Clooney I found you. What great experience you bring to the table. I have signed up and look forward to following your efforts. Only the best –



  1. Media and the Law of Attraction « RebootTheMedia

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